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Resolve to be green with Hemp Collars and Leashes

Go Green with natural Hemp Corduroy Collars and Leashes by The Good Dog Company™ for your little dog! The collars and leashes are super-soft and only 1/2 inch wide, made in Colorado of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. The leash is 6 feet long. The corduroy wales are tiny - there are 6 in the 1/2 inch width. And the corduroy is extremely durable, it's naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and odor-absorbing.

Protect paws from ice and salt

Pawz is the answer for protecting your little dog's paws against snow melt, lawn chemicals, liquids, soil or sand. Pawz boots are made of natural rubber and are so thin your little dog can feel the ground, providing a sense of security. Pawz boots are waterproof.
Pawz boots are easy to put on your dog's little paws without straps or elastic. Just expand Pawz with your fingers and place on the paw! Pawz boots are reusable and disposable!
Pawz boots come 12 in a package, so when one wears out, just toss it! And Pawz boots are biodegradable.

Don't hate them 'cause they're beautiful

Deborah Wood, author of Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion and The Little Dogs' Activity Book, owns and shows Papillons, so she knows about pampering and primping little dogs! The Little Dogs' Beauty Book explores the fabulous and fashionable choices in spa treatments, fashions and furnishings for our little dogs. This great book also offers sensible advice on how to help your little dog enjoy his lifestyle - from riding happily in his carrier, to calmly wearing a sweater, to enjoying daily grooming

Hoodies for Small Dogs

There's nothing better on a cool day than a sweatshirt, and that's true for our little dogs, too! These great hooded sweatshirts are cozy, machine washable polar fleece, and sleeveless so movement is not impeded. There's even a slit for attaching a leash! Choose black with "'Did it for the Cookie", or red with black pawprints. The red comes with or without sleeves.

Spring Roll Toy

Your little dog will love to play with the Spring Roll toy by Wetnoz®. Wetnoz® is reknowned for their innovative designs, and in fact the Spring Roll Toy won the 2005 IDEA Gold Award and in 2006 the 'Good Design' Award.
The Spring Roll Toy is durable rubber. It bounces like crazy and even floats. It makes a great fetch toy, even when it's just rolled.

Moscow Fur Coat

The Moscow Fur Coat by Dogo will keep your little dog toasty this winter! The top feels like plush suede and underneath is cozy faux shearling. The underside provides substantial chest protection. The front zipper can be used or not - sometimes it's easier to slip your dog's head through, and the bobble ties can be used or snipped off. Both sides wrap and secure with strong velcro - what look like functioning buttons are actually decorations.

Eco Dog Toys!

Join the eco-friendly movement! These cuddly Toys from West Paw Design® are made from recycled soda pop bottles in Bozeman, Montana. Some of the tags are even printed on recycled content paper. The frog is about 6 inches and the salamander is about 9 1/2 inches long - but there are lots of legs to hang onto! They're very light, they're super-soft, and they squeak. Various colors.

Ezy Dog Harness with Seatbelt Attachment

The EzyDog® Harness is a stylish, easy to use, practical harness for your little dog that doubles as a Car Seatbelt! Use the EzyDog® Harness every day as a great walking harness. There are just two clasps on the back, just to the left of center. Both straps are adjustable. The front plate is sturdy and nicely padded, to protect your little dog's chest. The stitching on the harness is light reflective. Available in five colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple