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Chillybuddy Winter Jacket

The Chillybuddy™ Winter Jacket is a super-warm puffy jacket for your little dog. It's easy to put on - there are hook-and-loop closures at each side of the neck and along the length of the back. There's also an adjustable pinch clasp at the neck. At night, your little one will be easy to see with the reflective stripes. To the right is Dax who doesn't like wearing clothes and is notorious for scraping her coat off - but she hasn't managed to take her Chillybuddy™ Winter Jacket off!

EzyDog Leash

The EzyDog® "Sparky" Leash is designed for dogs (up to 22 pounds) and reduces the strain from tugging both on us and our pup! The bungee-type lead is 48 inches long but has an additional 12 inches of shock-absorbing stretch. The handle is extremely comfortable, made of soft molded EVA, and it disperses the load and eliminates pinching. The leash made of 1500-lb. break strength polypropylene line is incredibly strong, too, even though it's only 3/8 inch in diameter. Plus it's reflective! The gray line running through the leash reflects any available light. The leashes match the EzyDog® Harnesses and is available in five colors.

Balloon Animals dogs can play with!

Fabulous colorful all-natural latex squeaky "Balloon" Animal Toys by Charming Pet Products™ that just look like those twisted and shaped from balloons. Baxter the Bull is Ceilidh's new favorite! Each measures about 5 inches by 2 3/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches high.

EzyDog Harness & Car Seat Belt

The EzyDog® Harness is a stylish, easy to use, practical harness for your little dog that doubles as a Car Seatbelt! Use the EzyDog® Harness every day as a great walking harness.There are just two clasps on the back, just to the left of center. Both straps are adjustable. The front plate is sturdy and nicely padded, to protect your dog's chest. The stitching on the harness is light reflective.

Bungee Weezles

Bungee Weezles™ are incredibly soft plush toys. There's a squeaker at either end, and the middle stretches as you and your little one tug on the Bungee Weezle. The toy extends from 10 1/2 - 16 inches and is about 2 inches high. The Bungee Weezle™ is big fun for fetching, tugging or chasing.

Vest Harness for walking, riding

The VestHarness is a versatile walking harness that doubles as a car seat belt harness! It also provides great protection for your small dog's chest. Available in four sizes and six colors - now including Gray! Also available in Air Mesh for warmer weather wear.

dogbag duffel

The dogbag duffel easily attaches to any leash, bag or belt loop, is small enough to be unobtrusive, and conveniently stows a roll of handle-tie waste bags to pick up after your dog. The dogbags are 100% degradable and earth friendly and they're made from recycled plastic. The Green Camo and Black Pawprint duffels come with black, unscented bags. The Pink Camo duffel comes with pink citrus scented bags. The Purple duffel comes with lavender scented bags.

1Z Harness-Coat

The people from Pawz have done it again - another great, innovative product for dogs! The 1Z Harness Coat incorporates a secure walking harness into a warm, water-resistant coat for dogs!It's secure, warm, waterproof, windproof and washable! No more stress for you or your little dog to try to put a harness over a coat. Just loosen the harness lock, open the zipper at the neck, slip the coat over your pup's head, bring the front paws through, zip up the zipper, slide the lock down, and attach your leash!

December Special at Golly Gear - 10% off all Puppia Harnesses

Your choice - the Soft Vest, Adjustable Soft Harness and the Classic Soft Harness are all 10% off through December at Golly Gear! The biggest news from Puppia - the Soft Harness is now available in sizes for dogs up to 45 lbs!