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No-escape Wrap-N-Go Harness keeps dogs safe

Need a "safety harness" for your Houdini-dog? The Wrap-N-Go Harness is the solution you've been looking for!  Crafted for strength and security, the Wrap-N-Go is available in two fabrics: lightweight net (think fishnet stockings, if you're old enough to remember them!) or breathable mesh.  The Wrap-N-Go has no buckles to fuss with. Industrial-strength hook-and-loop tape holds together at the neck and tummy to keep your dog smoothly secure. Easy for anyone to use, the Wrap-N-Go is a five-star winner!

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Essential Oil Toothpaste for dogs

GG Naturals Dog Toothpaste is made in the U.S. with only three ingredients: Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Peppermint Essential Oil. Everything you need to keep your dog's teeth healthy and bright without additives, fillers, chemicals or preservatives.
GG Naturals Dog Toothpaste comes with gauze wipes to get you and your dog started on your commitment to dental health. We recommend that you start with gauze or a washcloth to get your dog accustomed to having his/her teeth "brushed." When your pup has accepted the routine, you can transition to a dog toothbrush (or one for babies), if you like.
Dental health is an important component of overall wellness. Tooth-brushing not only keeps your dog's teeth sparkly white, it can also help improve "doggy breath," and lets you examine your dog's mouth for any sign of trouble.

More dog treats, less money!

The single-ingredient Turkey Heart Treats your dogs love are now available in a 3 oz. Container for only $10.95! The recyclable container protects the treats and keeps them safe from puppy paws.

You can feel confident giving these dog treats to your best friend. The single ingredient is Turkey Hearts, which are sliced and freeze-dried in Wisconsin, USA, at a USDA-inspected-daily facility. These Turkey Heart Dog Treats are safe, nutritious, and dogs love them!

Now buy Turkey Heart Dog Treats in either convenient, 2 oz. pouches or cost-saving 3 oz. containers - the choice is yours!

Highline Fleece Dog Coats

The Highline Fleece Coat will keep your dog cozy warm this winter! It's easy to use (step-in style), covers the dog's chest and neck, and the top-closing hook-and-loop closure allows a leash snap anywhere - either harness or collar! Available in sizes 10 through 16, including Broad Chest (BC) sizes and under $20!

$5 All Weather Dog Coats

ComfortFlex now comes in Berry!

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness (a favorite for strong, sturdy dogs of all sizes) is now available in Berry! A bit more subtle, stylish, and perfect for Fall!

Chicken Heart Treats - single ingredient goodness for your dog

A brand-new addition to our line of single-ingredient, freeze-dried treats is Chicken Heart slices! These all-meat treats are small, easy to use, healthy treats for dogs! Use them for rewards, training, or just because you can't resist those puppy-dog eyes! Made especially for us in Wisconsin, USA, in a facility inspected daily. 2. 5 oz. bags (dozens of treats) are only $7.95.