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Caring for your pup's furry, soft coat

Wonderful for any dog - the Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash set is particularly terrific for dogs with soft or curly coats. Rolled designs tend to glide more easily through coat - and there are no pinch clasps or hook-and-loop tapes to catch that silky-soft fur. Available in three sizes and six vibrant colors, the Rolled Microfiber Harness may be perfect for your pup!
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EZ Harness Sale

The EZ Wrap Harnessis exactly that - easy to use, easy to wear, easy to fit! And comfortable for almost every dog. Available in six sizes, two fabrics and more than a dozen color options!
The EZ Wrap has a step-in style without all the strappy fussing. It fastens with a pinch-clasp over a hook-and-loop fastener and has double leash D-rings for extra security. Dogs are comfy and happy in the EZ Wrap - you'll love it, too!

Chipmunks, and Elephants, and Giraffes, oh my! New Zippy Burrows delight dogs

Three new Zippy Burrows Interactive Toys have joined the family - Chipmunks, Elephants, and Giraffes!
Three little squeaky toys are hidden inside each "burrow." Dogs love "finding" the toys, fetching the toys, tugging the toys, and then, when you stuff them back in the burrow, starting all over again!
Hours of fun, for both you and your little dog!

Freedom Harness fits to a "T"!

The Freedom Harness by Gooby is a super-comfy, vest-style harness. Soft mesh with faux-suede straps make sure it's non-irritating. The design, avoiding the dog's "arm pits," minimizes matted fur, even in long-haired and fuzzy dogs. Available in six sizes and seven colors, there's a Freedom Harness right for every dog.

Beef Liver Treats

Your dog doesn't have to know these treats are good for him! Freeze-dried Beef Liver Treat nuggets are sourced and produced for us in Wisconsin, USA. Liver is chock-full of great nutrients, including: Iron, Zinc, Protein, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Copper, and Selenium.  Each 4 oz. package is just $9.50.

Turkey Treat Sale!

Your dog can celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey of his/her very own! Turkey Heart Treats are now on sale at Golly Gear! Only $6.95 per package for irresistible treats your dog will thank you for! Turkey Heart Treatsare freeze-dried slices, sourced and processed in Wisconsin, USA, No added ingredients - no fillers, preservatives, additives of any kind.

EZ Harness and Leash Set is slip-on easy!

The EZ Harness and Leash set is the ultimate in ease and comfort for your small dog - and for you! Step-in Harness slides shut - no buckles, hook-and-loop, or fuss! Both harness (for the dog) and leash handle (for you) are lined in soft fleece. Available in three colors (Black, Red, and Blue) and four sizes.