Beef Liver Treats

Beef Liver Treat Package

 Healthy Beef Liver nuggets for your dog

Your dog doesn't have to know these treats are good for him! Freeze-dried Beef Liver Treat nuggets are sourced and produced for us in Wisconsin, USA. Liver is chock-full of great nutrients, including: Iron, Zinc, Protein, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Copper, and Selenium.  Each 4 oz. package is just $9.50.


Turkey Treat Sale!

Your dog can celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey of his/her very own! Turkey Heart Treats are now on sale at Golly Gear! Only $6.95 per package for irresistible treats your dog will thank you for! Turkey Heart Treats are freeze-dried slices, sourced and processed in Wisconsin, USA, No added ingredients - no fillers, preservatives, additives of any kind.


EZ Harness and Leash Set is slip-on easy!

The EZ Harness and Leash set is the ultimate in ease and comfort for your small dog - and for you! Step-in Harness slides shut - no buckles, hook-and-loop, or fuss! Both harness (for the dog) and leash handle (for you) are lined in soft fleece. Available in three colors (Black, Red, and Blue) and four sizes.


Small squeaky toys your little dog will love!

Choose from Dog, Gator, or Hippo (or all three!) to delight your dog with hours of squeaky, fetching fun with the Small Latex Toys from Multipet! Soft, squishable toys are only about 3.5 inches long - even the tiniest dogs will love these toys - and you will, too, at less than $4 each!


Zero Shock Leash for little dogs

The Zero Shock Lite leash from EzyDog is a handy tool for owners of dogs that pull on leash. Even the smallest dog can exert a lot of force when taking off after the bunny that just crossed your path! Ease the jolt with the Zero Shock leash!
Each of the four colors (Red, Black, Bubblegum, Brown) features a reflective stripe down the center, as well as a "bungee" shock-absorbing length close to the dog. Each also has a D-ring by the handle (keys, poop-bag dispenser) for convenience, as well as a grab handle to keep your dog under control at all times.
This is the first webbing-material shock-absorbing leash we've seen that's sized right for small dogs - only 1/2 inch wide.


Choke-Free Harness now in Purple, Turquoise, and Lime Metallic

The five-star Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness is now available in eight colors - including four metallics! Choose from Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Bronze, Lime, Purple, or Turquoise!
Every Choke-Free is made of buttery-soft leather and features hook-and-loop closures (no buckles!), that is further secured when you attach the leash.
The end-over-end design is among the easiest harnesses to use - both on and off. Every dog deserves the comfort and security of the Choke-Free Shoulder Collar!