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Baked Treats from Zukes!

Healthy and delicious, your little dog will love Zuke's Mini Bakes™ Treats! There are 325 crunchy biscuits in a one-pound box! Each treat is less than an inch long, about 1/2 inch wide and 7/16 inch high and can be easily broken in half - that makes 650 treats! There's no wheat, corn, artificial colors, flavors, added fat or by-products. And Zuke's Mini Bakes™ are made in the USA. Feel good about giving your little dog these biscuits - not only are they all-natural and delicious, but Zuke's uses 100% wind energy to make each box. And speaking of boxes, the box is 100% recycled paperboard - plus it's smaller than you might expect and filled fuller to reduce packaging. Three flavors to try: Peanut Butter 'n Blueberryz Flavor, Turkey 'n Taterz Flavor and Chicken n Cherryz Flavor.

Flappy Toy

The Tuffy Flappy™ is perfect for your little dog to shake, chase and fetch! Made of durable polyester canvas, the Flappy™ has a soft middle with a squeaker and stuffing, and four tails on each end. The Flappy is great for solo or interactive play. Available in two sizes. Roc (Brussels Griffon) loves his Small Tuffy Flappy™! (He brought his Flappy™ into his Small Woofie Cushion and loves to squeak it!)

Cooling Jacket for dogs

If your little dog gets overheated easily, the Chillybuddy™ Cooling Jacket is the answer. Just wet the Cooling Jacket all over with water, fasten it on your pup with the hook-and-loop closures. Evaporation and reflection cool off your little one. The Cooling Jacket is a brilliant patent pending design of cool mesh inside (close-up to the right) and light-weight reflective material on the outside. There's a slit for the collar leash ring, or you can attach your little dog's leash directly to the d-ring on the Cooling Jacket. Made in the U.S.A.

Formal Collar Scarves for the dogs in the wedding

The Bride and Groom Collar Scarves are perfect to help include your little dogs in your wedding. Your dog's collar slips through the pocket in the Collar Scarf so you won't have to worry about knots coming undone at the wrong moment. Here, the simple leather collars are shown in white and black. (The collars are not included.) The Bride Collar Scarf is white with white netting and lace, and two ribbon bows with a tiny pearl in the center. The Groom Collar Scarf is white with a black bow tie and two black buttons, just like a tuxedo!

Studio Scoop Bowl

The Studio Scoop Bowl by Wetnoz® is the perfect size for our little dogs! Wetnoz® is reknowned for its innovative design in dog bowls and toys. The Studio Scoop Bowl is made of FDA-approved plastic.The Small Bowl holds 1cup and is angled down at the perfect level so our small dogs can easily reach their food. The Medium Bowl holds 3 cups (great for water!). Dishwasher safe. Choose Blue, Orange, Rose or White.

Paw Print Leather Collars

OmniPet® by Leather Brothers is known for high quality, made in the USA, Signature Leather™ products for our little dogs. These are beautiful, leather buckle collars with the Paw Print metal embellishment. the Paw Prints are riveted to the collar, so they won't come unstuck!

Dino Cuz

The Dino Cuz is Ceilidh the Boston Terrier's new favorite toy. She carries it around, sometimes by the tail, sometimes by the body, sometimes squeaking Dino Cuz, mostly not squeaking. Dino Cuz measures 4 inches long including the tail and 2 7/8 inches high including the feet and spikes. At its widest the body is 1 7/8 inches. By JW Pet Company of naturally tough rubber.

May Special - 10% off Gooby Step-in Harnesses!

Gooby's Step-in Harness and Leash Sets are practical step-in harnesses. The matching 50 inch-long leash is included. Front paws step in either side of the center strap of the harness, then pull the sides over your little dog's back and snap it closed! Fits dogs from about 5 to 18 pounds. The two cross straps (5/8 inch wide) are independently adjustable (from about 12 to 17 inches) for a secure, custom fit for your dog. This may not be the best choice for a dog at the upper end of the range who regularly pulls your arm off on walks.
The Luxury Harness is faux suede and comes in 8 luscious colors. The Spring Step-in Harness feels like crisp cotton and is available in five cheery patterns.