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September 2011 Sale - Himalayan Chews

We've finally found the ultimate dog chew toy! Himalayan Chews are made with only four ingredients: Yak's Milk, Cow's Milk, Salt and Lime Juice! All-natural, digestible, no chemicals, no preservatives, easy to digest, long-lasting and dogs adore them! On sale - 10% off through September.
Himalayan Chews are like an incredibly hard cheese - although they have no odor and no "goo" - even after Hope's French Bulldog Dax has been chewing for 30 minutes! Himalayan Chews will get smaller as the dogs chew and consume them, but they're entirely edible.

Himalayan Chews could be the answer to your dog's boredom! Three sizes available, Large, Medium, and a 3-pack of Small!

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