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Take time to train!

Teddy is rude!
He yells at his Momma (me!) to get attention. And his bark is really loud - all that chest to rumble around in!
When he's at work with me, I take a few minutes every so often to work with him. I try to remember to take our training breaks before he starts yelling - we don't want to reward him for doing that!
I keep a Treat 'n Training Bag handy both at home and at work, with some little treats inside. When I grab the bag, Teddy knows it's time to go "play" with Mom! It's a great way to break up the day and it reminds me that training is fun - it's a chance to play with my dog!
We work on little behaviors; sits, downs (Teddy knows Plop!), spins, heeling, or whatever we feel like that day.
I just read that January is "Train your Dog Month" - so get yourself a Treat and Ball bag and keep it close - take some training breaks and have fun!

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